Professor Susan B. Boyd


A number of journals are devoted to feminist perspectives on law. UBC Library holds almost all of the following titles, mostly at the Law Library but also at Koerner Library. Other journals can be accessed using the inter-library loan system. Many journals are accessible online via UBC E-Journals ( You can browse current issues of journals in the Reserve Section of the Law Library.

American University Journal of Gender, Social Policy & the Law (formerly American University

Journal of Gender and the Law)

Australian Feminist Law Journal

Berkeley Women's Law Journal

Canadian Journal of Women and the Law (in Reserve)

Cardozo Women's Law Journal

Columbia Journal of Gender and Law

Feminist Legal Studies (UK)

Harvard Women's Law Journal

Hastings Women's Law Journal

Law and Inequality

National Law School of India Journal on Feminism and Law (not available at UBC)

Southern California Review of Law and Women's Studies

Texas Journal of Women and the Law

UCLA Women's Law Journal

William and Mary Journal of Women and the Law

Wisconsin Women's Law Journal

Women and Criminal Justice

Women/Pay Equity Employment Law News (formerly Women's Employment Law)

Women's Law Reporter (Loyola)

Women's Rights Law Reporter

Yale Journal of Law and Feminism

Journals such as Social and Legal Studies, Canadian Journal of Law and Society, Canadian Woman Studies, Signs, Jurisfemme, Law and Sexuality, the Australasian Gay & Lesbian Law Journal (formerly the Australian GLLJ), Law in Context, and Law and Critique also often publish feminist law work.


A number of journals have published special issues on feminist legal scholarship. These include (a sample only):

A Fair Hearing, (1990) 15 Vermont Law Review 1-195 (Summer).

Black Women Law Professors: Building A Community at the Intersection of Race and Gender, (1990-91) 6 Berkeley Women's Law Journal 1-201.

Can Feminists use the Law to Effect Social Change in the 1990s? (1993) 87 Northwestern University Law Review 1252-1301 (Summer).

Contexts and Contraditions: Feminism and Social Change, (1998) 10(2) Canadian Journal of Women and the Law.

Critical Perspectives on Family Law: Race, Gender, Class, (1991) 10(1) Canadian Journal of Family Law.

Discovering Our Connections: Race and Gender in Theory and Practice of Law, first issue of American University Journal of Gender & the Law.

Domestic Violence, (1997) 33(4) Willamette Law Review 767-998.

Feminism, Law and Society, (1990) 8(2) Law in Context 5-133.

Feminism and the Law, (1994) 19(4) Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society 816-1083.

Feminism in Transition, (1997) 9(1)) Canadian Journal of Women and the Law.

Feminist Interventions in International Law: Reflections on the Past and Strategies for the Future, (1997) 19(1) Adelaide Law Review 1-93.

Feminist Jurisprudence, (1990) 24 Georgia Law Review 759-1044.

Feminist Jurisprudence and Political Vision, (1999) 24 Law & Soc. Inquiry 443.

Feminist Legal Theory, Feminist Law Making, and the Legal Profession, (1998) 67 Fordham L. Rev. 249.

Feminist Reflections on Litigation, (1998) 10(1) Canadian Journal of Women and the Law.

Feminist Studies in Justice, (1991) 2(2) Journal of Human Justice 1-118 (Spring).

Feminist Theory and Legal Strategy, (1993) 20(1) Journal of Law & Society.

For Mary Joe Frug: a symposium of feminist critical legal studies and postmodernism, (1992) 26 New England Law Review 639-891 (Spring).

Frontiers of Legal Thought III, [1990] Duke Law Journal 625-798.

Frontiers of Legal Thought: Gender, Race and Culture in the Law, [1991] Duke Law Journal 271-412.

The Future of Intersectionality and Critical Race Feminism, (2001) 11(2) Journal of Contemporary Legal Issues 677-936.

Gender Bias in Legal Education, (1990) 14 Southern Illinois University Law Journal 471-571.

Gender and Legal Ethics, [1990] Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics 1-208.

Gender, Race and the Politics of Supreme Court Appointments: The Import of the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas Hearings, (1992) 65 Southern California Law Review 1279-1582.

In your midst: Contributions of Women of Color in the Law, (1993) 28 Harvard CR-CL Law Review 295-503 (Summer).

InterSEXionality Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Queering Legal Theory, (1998) 75 Denver University Law Review 1321.

Intersexions: The Legal & Social Construction of Sexual Orientation, (1997) 48 Hastings Law Journal 1387.

Invisibility and Resistance: Women's Voices, (1997) 9(2) Canadian Journal of Women and the Law.

Issues relating to women and the law: Symposium, (1993) 7 Auckland University Law Review 471-525.

The Languages of Race, Feminism, Anthropology and Philosophy: Translating for the Legal Skills Classroom: Symposium, (2000) 34(1) John Marshall Law Review 1-319.

Law, Culture and the Questions of Feminism: Special Issue, (1999) 13 Australian Feminist Law Journal.

Law and Sexuality, (1995) 8(1) Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence.

Law, Feminism and Sexuality, (1995) 8(1) Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence.

Law, Feminism and the Legal Profession, (1998) 50 Maine Law Review 337.

Lavallee v. R.: Women and Self-Defence, (1991) 25 University of British Columbia Law Review 23-68.

Legal Theory/Legal Practice I: Contemporary Approaches, (1992) 5(1) Canadian Journal of Women and the Law 1-211.

Legal Theory/Legal Practice II: Historical Connections, (1992) 5(2) Canadian Journal of Women and the Law 263-483.

Lesbianism, Feminism and Law, (1994) 7(2) Canadian Journal of Women & the Law.

Race, gender and economic justice, (1997) University of Cincinnati Law Review 765-852.

Racism... Talking Out, (1993) 6(1) Canadian Journal of Women and the Law 1-244.

Sexual Difference, (1990) 1(2) Law and Critique 131-248.

Special Issue, (1992) 30 Alberta Law Review 829.

Special Issue, (1992) 26 New England Law Review (Summer).

Special Issue: Women, Imperialism and Identity, (1998) 21(3) Women's Studies International Forum.

Symposium Issue: Recent Work in Feminist Legal Thought, (1992) 59 Tennessee Law Review 441-616 (Spring).

Symposium Issue on Women and the Law, (1993) 20 Pepperdine Law Review 905-1214.

Symposium: Gender and Law, (1992) 46 University of Miami Law Review 503-854.

Symposium: Sexual Orientation, (1998) 8(2) UCLA Women's Law Journal 165-403.

Symposium on the Strucures of Care Work, (2001) 76(3) Chicago Kent Law Review 1289-786.

Symposium on Twenty-Five Years of Roe v. Wade: The Legal Evolution of Reproductive Freedom and Prenatal Rights, (1999) 62 Albany Law Review 1057.

Symposium: The Voices of Women, (1991) 77 Iowa Law Review 1-177 (this includes a selective bibliography of feminist legal scholarship).

Symposium: Women in Prison, (1998) 24(2) New England Journal on Criminal and Civil Confinement 339-453.

Taxing Women: thoughts on a gendered economy, (1997) 6(2) Southern California Review of Law and Women's Studies 287-610.

Transgressing Borders: Women’s Bodies, Identities and Families, (2001) 36(1) New England Law Review 1-179.

Unbending Gender: Why Family and Work Conflict and What to Do About it, (2000) 49(4)
American University Law Review

UNHCR symposium on gender-based persecution: Geneva, 22-23 February 1996, (1997) International Journal of Refugee Law 1-251.

Violence Against Women, (1995) 8(1) Canadian Journal of Women and the Law.

What sort of equality should women want? (1998) 9 Journal of Contemporary Legal Issues 1-320.

Women and the Law: Goals of the 1990's, (1990) 42 Florida Law Review 1-228.

Women, Family and Law, (1994) 28(3) Law and Society Review 511-82 (contains international material).

Women, the Family and the State, (1994) 7(1) Canadian Journal of Women & the Law.

Women, Poverty and the State, (1993) 6(2) Canadian Journal of Women and the Law.

Women and Social Policy, (1995) 8(2) ) Canadian Journal of Women and the Law.

Women's Law Forum, (1993) 23(3) Golden Gate University Law Review 717-1113.

Women’s Rights as Human Rights: Intersectional Issues of Race and Gender Facing Women of Colour, (2001) 28(3) Southern University Law Review 201-287.



Many databases containing feminist legal literature are available through the UBC Library website ( Note the scope of each database, especially as some databases do not cover many Canadian journals.

The most useful databases include:

Index to Canadian Legal Literature

Index to Legal Periodicals

Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals


Literature on feminism or women and the law can also be found in some social science or humanities databases, including:

Philosopher’s Index

International Political Science Abstracts

PAIS International

Women’s Resources International

Note that the UBC Library has a subject guide for legal indices and databases ( The homepage of the UBC Law Library is also a very useful starting point (

Quicklaw, Lexis and Westlaw are also helpful, particularly since they include the full text of all articles held in their databases, but note that many Canadian sources are not covered.

Literature and information on feminism and the law can also be found using online databases published by other libraries, agencies and non-governmental organizations. The most useful online sources include:

Women’s Human Rights Resources

National Association of Women and the Law

Status of Women Canada


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* Sheehy, Elizabeth A. and Susan B. Boyd. Canadian Feminist Perspectives on Law: An Annotated Bibliography of Interdisciplinary Writings. Toronto: Resources for Feminist Research, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, 1989), 79 pp.

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* "Women of color in legal academia: a biographic and bibliographic guide," (1993) 16 Harvard Women's Law Journal 1-78.

Many thanks to Patricia Cochran, LLB 2 (UBC) for updating this version.