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W. Wesley Pue


W. Wesley Pue is the Nemetz Professor of Legal History in the Faculty of Law at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

W. Wesley Pue, B.A. (Geog.) (Oxford) 1977, B.A. (Juris.) (Oxford) 1979, LL.M. (Alberta) 1980, D.Jur. (Osgoode) 1989, called to the Bars of the Northwest Territories and Alberta, 1981.  Professor Pue joined the Faculty of Law in 1993 as the first incumbent of the Nemetz Chair in Legal History.  He previously taught at Osgoode Hall Law School, Oklahoma City and Carleton Universities as well as the University of Manitoba where he was Johnson Professor of Legal History and Director of the Canadian Legal History Project.   From July 1996 to June 1998 he was Director of the Graduate Programme in Law at the University of British Columbia.

He teaches courses on Legal History, Legal Profession and The Peculiarities of Legal Knowledge.  Professor Pue is interested in Law and Society, Legal Pluralism and cultural history approaches to the history of law.  He has published in the fields of English and Canadian Legal History, History of the Legal Profession, Administrative Law, Law and Geography and Law and Society.  Professor Pue is past President of the Canadian Law and Society Association.  

Recent publications include:

Law School: The Story of Legal Education in British Columbia (1995);
Lawyers and Vampires: Cultural Histories of Legal Professions (co-edited with David Sugarman, forthcoming, Ashgate Press, 1999);
Misplaced Traditions: Colonial and Post-colonial approaches to legal professions in British Colonies (co-edited with Robert McQueen, forthcoming, symposium issue, 1998, Law in Context);
Lawyering for A Fragmented World (Guest editor, Symposium issue, 1998, International Journal of the Legal Profession);
"‘The disquisitions of learned Judges’: Making Manitoba Lawyers, 1885-1931", in Jim Phillips and G. Blaine Baker, eds.,
Essays in the History of Canadian Law: In Honour of R.C.B. Risk (Toronto: Osgoode Society, forthcoming, 1999); and
"Lawyers & Political Liberalism in 18th & 19th Century England", in Lucien Karpik and Terrence Halliday, eds., Legal Professions and Political Liberalism, (Oxford University Press, 1997), 239-302.

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